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Routh Landscapes are now BALI accredited !!

Routh Landscapes Ltd are now a member of the British Association of Landscape Industries!

.Why Did We Join BALI?

We joined BALI as a “Registered Affiliate” because we wanted our customers have confidence when choosing us as suppliers. BALI Registered Affiliates supply the landscaping industry with award-winning products of the highest standard. Said products and materials are to be unique, environmentally friendly, and all-year round sustainable. By joining, we want to demonstrate that we are serious about achieving and maintaining our high standards. We are determined to keep developing our products so that they remain the best they can be as the market changes and our industry grows.

BALI inspires all of its registered members to be innovative. We intend to make the most of every opportunity to learn from our peers in this rapidly expanding and creative sector. In addition, it’s important to be held accountable to maintain our environmental, ethical and commercial trading standards.

What Does This Mean For You?

You cannot become a registered BALI member without passing their rigorous vetting procedure and signing up to their strict code of conduct. As mentioned, BALI encourages the highest standards of quality, workmanship and service. As a registered member, you can have peace of mind that our products and services meet those high standards.

The BALI code of conduct states that we are responsible for the actions of all our staff. We are committed to the on-going training of our employees so that our customer service remains relevant and outstanding.

We are also required to address client concerns promptly, maintaining professionalism and courtesy, with the aim to negotiate a fair solution for any disputes.

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